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Is comprehensive personal data removal worth the expense?

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear about TRACE-X is whether or not a comprehensive data removal service is worth the expense.

In a word, absolutely. Here’s why:

Your personal privacy is at risk of exposure. Every time your personal information (name, address, place of business, relatives’ names, assets, or financial data) is shared on one of the hundred or so people-finder sites, you are made vulnerable to attack, doxxing, or identity theft. The only way to resolve this dilemma is to remove your personal info from these sites.

While it is possible to do this data removal yourself, be forewarned that it’s never a once-and-done undertaking. The moment you finish removing your info from all the sites, you’d have to turn around and start all over again. That’s where we come in. We do all the repetitive monitoring and drudgery so you don’t have to.

The cost/benefit analysis of comprehensive data removal

TRACE-X does indeed cost more than other services that only remove your information from a handful of the most common people-finder sites. We remove you from over 100 sites, year-round. We know that not everyone feels the need for, or can afford, this level of online privacy. If removing only a fraction of your information from just a few people-finder sites is acceptable to you, we recommend using one of the other data removal services available.

TRACE-X clients have a lot at stake. Our clients include:

  • medical professionals with difficult patients or attorneys with problematic former clients or opposing parties;
  • entertainment professionals and elite athletes;
  • executives at firms involved in controversial projects;
  • high-profile law enforcement and security professionals;
  • high net worth individuals.

If you or your clients need your assets and identities protected from unnecessary exposure, sign up today.

What personal info is vulnerable?

People finder sites often reveal sensitive information. If your private details (such as your home address, date of birth, relatives, assets, and more), are publicly viewable on the internet, they’re most likely being collected and aggregated by a host of sites and services.

Your personal information becomes publicly available via many ordinary day-to-day transactions. Every time you register for a new site or service, make a large purchase, get a loan or line of credit, set up a new business, or update a professional license you can expose or re-expose your data. It is time-consuming to prevent that initial information sharing and in some cases, impossible to achieve.

People finder sites collect and aggregate information that would not normally be considered public. This includes data such as mobile numbers, Social Security numbers, your kids’ names, employment, favorite books and movies, even wish lists on sites like Amazon or eBay.

Data exposure prevention

No data removal service can remove you from the internet entirely, TRACE-X included. Or comprehensive data removal service relies on a two-part strategy to ensure your online privacy success:

Phase one decreases your online footprint as much as possible. We make your personal details so inaccessible that someone trying to find and exploit those details will give up and move on to someone more exposed.

The second phase involves ongoing monitoring to check on and remove your information year-round. Even the most vigilant privacy-conscious people can have their information re-exposed.

For our clients, TRACE-X is absolutely worth the expense because instead of removing your private information from just a handful of the most common people finder sites a few times a year at best, TRACE-X removes your info from well over 100 sites each and every month.

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