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OPSEC Isn’t Just For Spies (It’s For You, Too!)

When you hear “OPSEC” (Operational Security), you likely think of U.S. military and security-cleared personnel whose day-to-day work requires a high degree of secrecy. These folks generally are hyper-aware of security and are trained to keep anything sensitive strictly “need-to-know”. But basic OPSEC procedures can help anyone stay safe. Employing these simple tactics is especially…

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We take your data security seriously

TRACE-X is in the business of finding and eliminating your personal data from all the people-finder directories we can find. We handle data that you have expressly said you don’t want to get into the wrong hands. So, naturally, we take your personal data security seriously — way more seriously than required by law. We…

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Is comprehensive personal data removal worth the expense?

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear about TRACE-X is whether or not a comprehensive data removal service is worth the expense. In a word, absolutely. Here’s why: Your personal privacy is at risk of exposure. Every time your personal information (name, address, place of business, relatives’ names, assets, or financial data) is…

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Better personal data privacy with a strong, unique password

Would you believe that over 80% of data breaches online are caused by weak or reused passwords? That’s right. Every time you reuse the same password for Netflix, your bank account, and Gmail and Facebook logins, you’re practically asking for a data breach. One of the most important things you can do to protect your…

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Do-it-yourself online data removal

Being able to download media, make purchases, or enjoy the ease of online banking arguably makes life more convenient at times. But this 24/7 always-on access makes your personal privacy vulnerable. Search any one of the hundred or so people finder sites and you’re likely to find a listing with your full name, nicknames, date…

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Prevent Identity Theft with a Credit Freeze

As online privacy invasion and security risks become more common, it’s imperative for every user of online technology to take steps to protect their privacy. One of the most valuable security measures you can take is to initiate a credit freeze. This article will tell you what a credit freeze is and how to set…

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