Restore Your Online Privacy

 Your personal privacy is at risk of exposure. TRACE-X removes your personal information from over 100 people-finder sites that share your private information without your permission.

TRACE-X finds and eliminates your personal details
so others can’t get to them and put your privacy in danger

Each and every month, TRACE-X does the painstaking work to ensure comprehensive data removal to strengthen your privacy and anonymity.

While other services may remove your personal information from a handful of the most common people-finder sites a few times a year, TRACE-X removes you from over 100 sites year-round.


I’m very privacy conscious and have been looking for a way to remove my personal information from as many sites as possible.  TRACE-X saved me so much time and hassle. That’s valuable time I can instead be spending with my kids and on my personal and professional development.


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about how TRACE-X restores and maintains year-round online privacy.